Short stories about my trip in India 2015
Traveling by train in India is definitely a wondrous experience. So many people coming in and out, almost everyone tries to sell you something, beg you for money, clean your coach... Simply this is their only mean for survival. One unforgettable encounter was this blind man who sold the only thing he can't ever have: light!

Coconut Tree
There is nothing unusual about being admitted to the hospital, only in India everything is. As my boyfriend was filling my admission papers in the public hospital in south Goa, he came across someone else's papers stating that the reason behind his entry was falling off a coconut tree!

The awesomeness of trekking in India is indescribable, Landscape, colors, wild animals, people, culture, challenge…
Everything is worth it, even though sometimes you might deeply believe you are lost!

Railway merchandise is wide! Literally everything that you might need or not, can fall to your lap at any moment! Yet some of the encounters were so annoying but fun to remember, Chai* starts selling very early in the morning, really early you hear the wallahs* shouting "Chaiiii Chaiiii Chaiiiiiii" despite the fact that you might be enjoying your dreams!
*Chai: tea made by boiling tea leaves with milk, sugar, and sometimes spices.
*Wallah: is one who performs a specific task. A rickshaw wallah drives the rickshaw, a dhobi wallah washes clothes and the chai wallah, you guessed it, makes chai.

Hitch-hike misconception
Despite the enormous land of India hitch-hiking is possible, also could be one hell of an experience, we did so many but we had one sort of a bad incident where the driver was kind of rude all the way, we end up running away while he was shouting for his Rupees!

River Flood
It is very important to follow the weather forecast before setting out for a long trek! Heavy rain in Ladakh is serious causing lots of disasters, I will never forget the face of this lady carrying her son while climbing away from a river flood that destroyed her house and her wheat crops. That gloomy afternoon we end up running for our lives wet and muddy!

Yes, Please
In India, English language is generally well spoken. Some use vocabulary that you might only read in classic poems, whereas for others the only two words they know best are "yes, please", and they can be an answer to any question you may ask!

Body over mind
While trekking the amazing Himalayas you might climb the 4900m in 5 hours to reach a pass but you would still have to go down the 3000m and descending is a double challenge for your muscles! Just when you thought that climbing was the hard part!

Traveling hides a huge surprise behind every corner, literally it was a huge surprise when i saw an elephant strolling towards me in the city from around the building.